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    We Can Cross-Reference Thousands of Part Numbers to Produce a Superior Replacement 

    Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

           Our seals, bearing bands, wear bands and O-rings are currently in service on board dozens of large vessels operated by some of the world's largest petrochemical transportation companies.  Our products are rigorously and continuously industry tested since 2003.  No project is too large or too small.  Solving problems is our passion.  Please give us a call at 718-833-6459 or send us an e-mail: 

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         We are a family owned and operated company serving the marine transportation industry since 2003.  Our custom seals and our custom filters are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

         We are much more than just a seal company.  We offer specialized mechanical diagnostic and repair experience, coupled with dedicated customer service far beyond what the big name seal companies can offer.  Our CAD design and CNC machining process eliminate the lead time and expense of producing injection molds.  This also affords us tremendous design flexibility and rapid production capability.  We can cross-reference thousands of part numbers to produce a replacement of superior quality and design.  We have dozens of stock seal profiles to choose from or custom seal profiles can be specially designed to suit your needs.

         Here are some examples:

         Maintaining a machine in continuous service with a vital role requires spare parts on hand at all times.  In an emergency, we can produce your seals from a tubular billet into a finished product, shipping out the door to you in one day.**  For routine orders, our standard lead time is about five business days.  We can produce seals up to 2100mm (6 feet 10 inches) in diameter for ships, mining equipment and power plants down to small, precision medical grade seals measuring just 6 millimeters used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and hospital equipment.

    **Established part numbers can be expedited as long as material is available. 


    Expert reverse engineering, diagnosis and repair.

    Abrasion/extrusion failure: 

    Pneumatic Piston Seals Over 525,00 mm

         We measure and mic all metal hard parts to produce an entirely new system schematic. Through this method we identify trouble spots and engineer a proper solution.

    • This cylinder had an undersized air chamber bore that was not manufactured to specification.
    • The problem was not identified until the air chamber was measured with a proper cylinder bore gauge.
    • This system lacks the support of a bearing band or wear band on the piston.  It is designed with only two, single-acting seals mounted in opposite directions.

    Complete custom engineered seal set for this popular ATB (Articulated Tug to Barge) coupling system.

    • Marine double-acting pneumatic cylinder used to couple a tug boat to a barge.
    • This system is commonly known as an Articulated Tug to Barge coupling system or ATB, AT-B, AT/B 
    • H-PU Red 95 Shore A Durometer or Hardness  (hydrolysis resistant, thermoplastic polyurethane) 
    • H-PU Blue 90 Shore A Durometer (hydrolysis resistant, thermoplastic polyurethane)
    Seal Types and Profiles:
    • (Largest Red Seal) Custom Symmetrical Thin-Lip Profile, Single-acting Piston Seal
    • (Smaller Red Seal) Custom Symmetrical Thin-Lip Profile, Single-acting Rod Seal
    • (Blue Seal) Custom Bi-Directional Double Acting Rod Wiper Profile

    Retrofit without original schematics:

              Below is a one-of-a-kind, hydraulic, articulated tug to barge coupling system presented to us without any technical information or schematics. 

              This system suffered from both internal and external fluid leaks due to the two piece O-ring/backing ring combination rolling out of the groove and pinching inside of the bore during installation on both the rear cover and the outside diameter of the gland.  We designed a static ring seal with a flat inside diameter and flat sides which stays seated in the groove.  This made assembly a much simpler task now that we have eliminated the round O-ring rolling out of a square-edged groove.  This ring seal also creates a far better seal plus it allows the cover and gland to be removed and reinstalled multiple times without the need to be replaced like an O-ring.  The vessel crew can now remove the back cover to inspect the system internals with confidence that it can be easily reassembled without any leaks or hassle.  


    Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Elastomer
     Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Elastomer
    Fluorocarbon Elastomer
     (FKM, FPM)
    Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
    Silicone Elastomer
    Ethylene-Propylene elastomer
    Fabric Reinforced Polyester Resin Composite
    Brooklyn, NY, USA 
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