Serving the Marine Transportation Industry Since 2003



Filter Brands:

3M / Aqua Pure / Cuno -

Water Purification & Filtration

AAF International -

Air Filters & Air Filter Assemblies

Ametek - Water Purification & Filtration

Baldwin Filters -

Air, Coolant, Cabin Air, Fuel, Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filters

Camfil Farr -

Industrial Dust, Mist, and Fume Collectors

Caterpillar -

Air, Fuel, Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filters

Dahl / Baldwin -

Fuel/Water Separator Filters & Filter Housings 

Donaldson -

Air, Fuel, Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filters.  Air Cleaner Assemblies, Parts & Accessories. Mufflers, Spark Arrestors

Everpure -

Water Purification & Filtration

Filtration Systems, Inc. -

Depth filters, pleated filters, panel air filters, railroad lube filters, locomotive filters, dust collection filters, fiberglass filters, pleated coalescing filters, air filter and filter pressure vessel products

Flanders -

HVAC, Panel Air and Bulk Filter Media 

Fleetguard - 

Air Filtration, Coolants & Chemicals, Crank Case Ventilation, Fuel Filtration, Lube Filtration, Hydraulic Filtration, Fluid Analysis, Transmission Filtration

Fulflo -

Water Purification, Filtration & Filter Assemblies

Parker -

Filter elements. Hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies.


ABS & Coastguard certified fuel filter assemblies; Hydrocarbon filter assemblies; Fuel filter, emission filter and hydrocarbon filter elements

Stanadyne -

Diesel fuel filters/water separators; We also sell diesel injection parts and diesel fuel additive.

Walker Airsep -

Engine crankcase, emissions & intake air filter assemblies and replacement elements

Filter Types:

Adsorption Filter Elements: Active Carbon, Activated Alumina, Fuller's Earth

Air Filter Elements: Compressed Air, Dust Collector, Intake Air

Bag Filter Elements

Breather Elements

Cabin Air Filter Elements

Coalescer Elements: Liquid, Air

Coolant Filter Elements

Compressed Air Elements

Compressed Gas Elements

Crank Case Ventilation Elements

Depth Filter Elements: Natural or Synthetic Media

EDM Filter Elements: Oil, Water

Fuel Filter Elements

Fuel / Water Separator Elements

Hydraulic Elements

Inline Filter Elements

Liquid Filtration Elements

Liquid Separator Elements

Lube Oil Elements

Microglass Filter Elements

Pleated Paper Filter Elements

Pleated Synthetic Media Filter Elements

Potable Water Filter Elements

Radial Fin Filter Elements: Air, Liquid

Separator Elements: Air/Oil, Liquid

Spin-On Filter Elements: Microglass, Paper, Water Removal, Wire

String Wound Filter Elements: Natural, Synthetic

Wire Filter Elements: Pleated, Cylindrical, Depth, Suction Strainer